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Welcome (or welcome back) to the HB. Here’s an introduction. There are more resources at my new website: There you can find Spanish-language resources, material on covenant theology, on the Federal Vision and New Perspective(s) on Paul, Reformation history, and resources on Roman Catholicism.

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  1. I’m curious, why did you get two separate domains, instead of having all of your stuff be static content at, or have the Heidelblog live at, for instance,

    • Seemed like a good idea at the time? Started with and thought about doing a new blog there but was persuaded to revive the HB since that is, I’m told, my “brand.” One site is a little more academic than the other. So maybe it’s good to have two places? One sort of fixed and the other more dynamic.

  2. I’m not as curious as the Rube, but I’m certainly very grateful for the resources. Great stuff!

    Thanks for making this available, Dr. Clark. Very, very good.

  3. Hi Scott

    I lived in AZ when I met U via internet!
    now in MN –

    I AM GLAD ur back!
    I have (liked) ur site before
    and it helped me in many a way.
    Have lots of saved and printed items
    Some need to be redone-worn out, etc

    So can redo and update again!

    Welcome back bro!

  4. Dear Dr. Clark!

    I’ve been listening to Office Hours for an year and more, and I found out about blog but at that time it was unavailable. I read many great critics and recommendations.

    I am happy to learn that the blog is back and I already learned alot from your post about the Septuagint! 🙂

    Greetings from Macedonia 🙂
    Grace, mercy and peace!

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