Stealthy Psalters In The PCA?

Many PCA churches (more than half?) have a psalter and they don’t even know it. Of course, some churches have switched to the excellent, newer Trinity Psalter Hymnal or another good psalter, but if a church has the very common Trinity Hymnal they already have . . . Continue reading →


When I began to become Reformed (c. 1980–81), the Reformed churches I knew were hymn-singing congregations. Typically, they used the blue Trinity Hymnal (1961), published by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (and later by Great Commission Publications). There are Psalms (for singing and . . . Continue reading →

Perkins On The Divine Mission

How can the Father send the Son, considering they are both one? Answer. In the doctrine touching the Trinity, nature and person must be distinguished. Nature is a substance common to many, as the Godhead. A person is that which subsists of . . . Continue reading →

Luther On Law And Grace

Therefore we are pronounced righteous, not on the basis of the Law or of works or of our own righteousness but on the basis of pure grace. Paul insisted on the promise so vigorously and stressed it so often because he saw . . . Continue reading →