New Audio: Exposition of the Nine Points (Pt 1)


Today, in the Adult Class at OURC I began a series of talks explaining the “Nine Points” of “pastoral advice” adopted by URCNA Synod Schereville in 2007. Here is the first 30 minute talk:

Something Weird in the Siouxlands

I’ve been trying to follow recent events in the Siouxlands Presbytery but I’m confused about what’s happening. I’m not expert in the Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in America (and I’m not going to become so) so I assumed . . . Continue reading →

Sinclair Ferguson's den Dulk Lecture #1: The Danger of Losing Heart

Sinclair is speaking now, with his customary wit, charm, and insight on the danger of losing heart in pastoral ministry, on the difference between Paul’s conception of the spiritual realities of the ministry and the way ministry is often conceived today. Lord . . . Continue reading →

Sinclair Ferguson den Dulk Lecture #3: The Pastor and His Preaching

The den Dulk lecture series was established by the den Dulk family in order to bring experienced pastors to campus for a week each academic year in order to give them an opportunity to speak to students about the ministry, about pastoral . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours Talks to Dennis Johnson

Office Hours this month talks with Dr Dennis Johnson, Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary California. Dennis is one of the original faculty members at WSC and has taught New Testament as well Practical Theology and served as Academic Dean for . . . Continue reading →

Meet a WSC Grad: Joel Fick ('03)

Joel D. Fick (M.Div. ’03) is a church planter and pastor at Redemption Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Gainesville, FL. Prior to serving at Redemption OPC he served as an Associate Pastor in the PCA. He and his wife Marianne have been happily married . . . Continue reading →

M. Jay Bennett is Reading CJPM

It’s become clear in recent months that the FV/NPP controversies in the broader evangelical and Reformed worlds haven’t gone away. A leading congregation in the Gospel Coalition has implicitly endorsed N T Wright by having him speak to a church-sponsored gathering. There . . . Continue reading →

Machen on Loving the Congregation

I know some preachers who are very good men, and very devoted to Christ, who seem somehow to let their Christianity make them cold and dead to all the movings of friendship. They do not outwardly lead the lives of hermits; on . . . Continue reading →

When Pastors Do Not Pay Attention

Remarkably, after a decade of controversy over the self-described Federal Vision movement, there are pastors and teachers who do not seem to understand it. One can see why one might have been confused in the early days of the discussion but now, . . . Continue reading →

Is the Reformed Faith a Second Blessing?

In response to Jason Stellman’s monday post the question has arisen as to what should be required for membership in a confessional Reformed (e.g., Three Forms) or Presbyterian (Westminster Standards) congregation. The argument has been made that, in American Presbyterian churches, the . . . Continue reading →