Sinclair Ferguson den Dulk Lecture #3: The Pastor and His Preaching

The den Dulk lecture series was established by the den Dulk family in order to bring experienced pastors to campus for a week each academic year in order to give them an opportunity to speak to students about the ministry, about pastoral life and to give the students an opportunity to interact with them.

Each year the den Dulk lecturers have brought different gifts and backgrounds. Some have come from smaller churches, some from larger churches. Some have come from outside the Reformed/Presbyterian orbit and some from within. We have appreciated each of them. This year’s speaker, our friend Sinclair, has been a particular blessing.

His topic this morning focuses on the preaching ministry of the pastor, which at the heart of every minister’s vocation from Christ and his church. The lectures will be available on video and audio. Whether you are a producer of sermons or a hearer of them, you will want to hear these talks.

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