Heidelcast 224: From Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (2)—Introduction To The Canons Of Dort (2)

In this episode Dr Clark continues the series on the Canons of Dort (1619). There is a popular narrative among Arminians (and perhaps others) that the Arminians were the victims of an unprovoked theological, ecclesiastical, and political attack by Calvinists. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, it was Arminius who initiated the controversy by his preaching (e.g., in Romans) in the 1590s and who continued it as professor of theology at the University of Leiden. Then, after his death, his followers proposed the Remonstrance, a five-point complaint against Reformed theology, piety, and practice. The Remonstrants complained that the orthodox Reformed were not sufficiently sanctified, that they condemned all infants to hell, and, among other things, sought to revise the Protestant doctrine of justification. The five points undermined the Protestant doctrine of assurance, downplayed the effects of sin, made election conditional, and the atonement universal. In 1611, the orthodox responded with a Contra Remonstrance. Those responses would form the basis of what, in 1618–19 would become the Canons of Dort. In this episode Dr Clark also interacts with some audio from Dr Greg Johnson’s interview with St Louis Public Radio. He also interacts with some audio from a Particular Baptist podcast. He answers a Heidelcall from Andrew about how we should use past Christian practice to instruct our current practice; Heideltexts and Heidelmails from Luke about the origins of the Gloria Patri, from Nick about the history and origins of Reformed liturgy, from Anthony on whether the offering is an element of worship, from Roxanne about the song, “How Deep Is the Father’s Love,” from David about the story Corinthus and the bath house in Ephesus. Dr Steve Baugh makes a guest appearance to answer this question, and from Mark about the rise the “traditions of men.”

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