Resources On The Rule Of Worship

  1. Sola Scriptura Protects Christian Liberty
  2. Of Levites, Sacrificial Blood, Burnt Offerings, And Musical Instruments In Worship (2 Chron 29)
  3. The Rule of Faith and the Rule of Worship
  4. Ursinus On the Rule of Worship
  5. Sola Scriptura and Public Worship
  6. The Principles Of Reformed Worship
  7. On Elements And Circumstances
  8. Second Commandment + Sola Scriptura = Christian Worship
  9. On The Absence Of Musical Instruments From The Synagogue
  10. The Synagogue As the Pattern For Early Christian Worship
  11. Calvin On Instruments In The New Covenant: Restoring Shadows
  12. Lactantius (c. 250–c. 325): Where There Are Images There Is No Religion
  13. Epiphanius Of Salamis (c. 315–403): It Was Gnostics Not Christians Who Made Images Of Christ
  14. The Regulative Principle Is the Fundamental Principle of Protestantism
  15. Musical Instruments In Public Worship Are Among The Legal Ceremonies
  16. The Church Fathers Rejected Musical Instruments in Worship
  17. The Rule Of Worship, Christ And Culture, And Asparagus Fest
  18. Man Discovers Jesus’ Hymnal
  19. Calvin: Instruments In Public Worship = Restoration Of Shadows
  20. Of Psalms, Hymns, And Spiritual Songs And The RPW
  21. Of Musical Instruments, Worship, Choirs, Levites, and Blood
  22. Lent: Of Good Intentions, Spiritual Disciplines, and Christian Freedom
  23. Ken’s Doxology: A Subversion Of The Psalter?
  24. The Ceremonies and Shadows Abolished
  25. The Whole Manner of Worship
  26. Psalms, Hymns, And Spiritual Songs in the Septuagint
  27. Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs, and Instruments in the Latin Bibles
  28. 1559 Geneva Bible On Instruments
  29. Calvin: Instruments Not Given For Us To Imitate
  30. Neither Traditional Nor Contemporary
  31. Each One Has A Psalm
  32. Does The RPW = Homogeneity?
  33. Ursinus On Circumstances And Worship
  34. There Is No Worship That Is Accidental
  35. The OPC Minority Report on Worship
  36. The Real Question: Is There An Objective Definition Of “Reformed”?
  37. What Happened? An Objective Account Of How The Reformed Lost The Psalms
  38. How The Dutch Reformed Lost The Psalms
  39. Considering Context Leads To Singing Psalms In New Testament Praise And Worship
  40. An Appreciation Of Messrs Murray And Young On The Rule Of Worship
  41. Could Instruments Be Idols?
  42. If They Are Playing Instruments In Heaven Why We We Not?
  43. If We May Pray Uninspired Words, Why May We Not Sing Them?
  44. A Plan For Reforming Worship
  45. Not A Question Of Taste But Of Principle
  46. Wisdom On Introducing Psalm Singing
  47. Resources For Recovering Psalmody
  48. More Resources
  49. Recovering the Reformed Confession
  50. Simon N. Jooste and Johannes C. Potgrieter, “The Contested Legacy of Singing God’s Inspired Songs in the Reformed Churches in South Africa: The Regulating Role of the word from Dordrecht to Totius and into the Present,” in In Die Skriflig 54 (2), a279.

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