Works of the Law as Boundary Markers?

Have I not over-emphasised the social and national dynamic behind Paul’s language and seriously underplayed Paul’s analysis of the radical helplessness of the human situation and his concern for the salvation of the individual?” For my part, I have no desire to . . . Continue reading →

Still A Stumbling Block

A Heidelblog Classic from January 9, 2007: —— A Jewish critic of Dr Laura Schlessinger (for her public abandonment of orthodox Judaism) writes: “The late Yeshayahu Leibovitz pointed out that the quintessential symbol of Christianity is Jesus dying on the cross for . . . Continue reading →

The Legal Principle In Moses

The Mosaic law itself did not originate the notion of personal obedience de novo, since it recapitulated a more fundamental creational principle of righteousness through obedience to the Creator’s covenant stipulations. Further, the Mosaic law did not introduce a new way of . . . Continue reading →

My Favorite Atheist Lesbian Author: A Case Study In Providence

I first encountered Camille Paglia in 1991, just after she had published the essay, “The Joy of Presbyterian Sex.” Blame Bob Godfrey. I was pastoring a church in Kansas City and happened to be visiting Escondido and stopped by Bob’s office. He . . . Continue reading →

Wisdom According To Paul (pt 2)

Office Hours

The Apostle Paul was a preacher to the Gentiles, a missionary, a church planter, and ultimately a martyr for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was also a theologian of wisdom. He used the Greek noun for wisdom, sophia, repeatedly. . . . Continue reading →

September 24–25, 2021: Joel Kim On “Abounding Grace—Paul And The Christian Life” (Cheyenne, WY)

Our annual conferences exist to advance and celebrate the truths of the Protestant Reformation, present the greatness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage a reawakening to the holiness of God. Annually, the conference seeks to draw world class scholars who can lead listeners to a fuller understanding of the truths and riches of Holy Scripture. The conference will challenge you to think more Biblically as you live your life before the face of God. Continue reading →

Believer, You Are A Romans 7:25 Christian

Against The Presumption Of Perfectionism

Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, consequently, on the one hand, I myself serve the law of God with my mind but, on the other, with the flesh I serve the law of sin.”—The Christian Testimony of the Apostle Paul. Continue reading →

Incorrect Item Delivered: A Review of Paul’s “Works of the Law” in the Perspective of Second-Century Reception by Matthew J. Thomas

When I was a student at Westminster Seminary California, I once ordered a used volume of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers series online. When the package arrived, I was surprised to discover that in its place I had been shipped a commentary . . . Continue reading →