Heidelcast For January 29, 2023: Sin, Salvation, & Service: The Threefold Truth Of Romans (7)

In this episode, Dr. Clark continues the Heidelcast series on Romans, beginning with a look at the “New Perspective on Paul” (NPP) and the question of Jews and Gentiles in the early church. Dr. Clark breaks down how the NPP affects Reformed theology and how to consider it critically, with critiques from Michael Horton and Charles E. Hill. He answers texts from John about images of Christ and from Josh about the practice of laying on of hands in ordination. He answers emails from Brandon about singing non-inspired songs in private or family worship; from  Susan saying thanks for the recent episode on Getting the Gospel Right; from Jason making the sign of the cross; from Anonymous about the relationship between the Adamic, Noah, Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic covenants; and from Robert about a partial quotation from Herman Bavinck on distinguishing law and gospel. Did Bavinck reject the law/gospel distinction. See the resources below for more on these topics. The opening audio is from Brad Isbell and Luke Gossett on the Presbycast.

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