Heidelcast For July 3, 2022: A Mailbag Episode

During Dr Clark’s summer trip to Nebraska the mailbag (and Heideltext inbox) filled up so what was supposed to be an episode on the Canons of Dort became a Q&A episode. Never fear. The episode for next week returns to the Canons. In this episode he answers questions from Everett on doctrinal preaching; from Tyler, Anonymous, Alex, and David on how to understand sola fide and the Reformation rejection of the Romanist doctrine of “faith formed by love” (in view of John Piper’s new book); from Nathan on images of the cross; from Nic about how much one must believe to be saved; from Josiah about the sacred/secular distinction; from Derrick about the QIRE; from Anon regarding the Fatherhood of God; from Anon about the Heidelpod of the Heidelberg Catechism; and from Anon about whether Jesus was born again. For more on these topics see the show notes below. There were also several notes saying thanks for the Heidelcast and Heidelblog. Thanks for the encouragement. We appreciate it.

The Heidelcast is proud to be sponsored by Reformation Heritage Books. Please show them that you are grateful for their support by visiting RHB online (or in person if you are in Grand Rapids), where you can find John Colquhoun, A Treatise On The Law and The Gospel. Here is a quote to whet your appetite:

The law and the gospel are the principal parts of divine revelation; or rather they are the center, sum, and substance of all the other parts of it. Every passage of sacred Scripture is either law or gospel, or is capable of being referred either to the one or to the other . . . If then a man cannot distinguish aright between the law and the gospel, he cannot rightly understand so much as a single article of divine truth. If he does not have spiritual and just apprehensions of the holy law, he cannot have spiritual and transforming discoveries of the glorious gospel; and, on the other hand, if his view of the gospel is erroneous, his notions of the law cannot be right.

This is the language of Luther, Calvin, Beza, Ursinus, Perkins, and the rest of the Reformed orthodox. This is a book you will be glad that you read and you can order right now from RHB. The author, John Colquhoun (1748–1827), was a minister in the Church of Scotland whose sermons and writings reflect those of the Marrowmen – Boston, the Erskines et al. This work is in 12 chapters in which he deals with all the great questions about law and gospel. It’s $22 from RHB in hardcover. Don’t forget: when you go to RHB please be sure to tell them that the Heidelcast sent you.

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Show Notes

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  1. Can Heidelcast be accessed through Spotify? I’ve searched for it but cannot find it. Spotify does not appear to support adding an RSS feed.

    Any help you can provide is appreciated.

    • Hi Bob,

      No, we are not on Spotify. When we looked into it the agreement indicated that they reserve the right to modify contact. They insert commercials into Podcasts. I don’t see how it benefits us or our listeners.

      • No worries. I was using a different podcast app but so much of my listening alternates between that app and Spotify. For strictly practical purposes (i.e. storage space on my phone) I switched to Spotify exclusively.

        I subscribed to Heidelcontent so I don’t miss anything. Thank you for all you do. You are a blessing.

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