Resources On The Reformation Solas

1. The Solas

2. Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone)

  1. Was Sola Scriptura A Reformation Slogan And Doctrine?
  2. Christian Liberty: A Product Of Sola Scriptura
  3. More Conference Audio: Biblicism Versus Sola Scriptura
  4. Was Agabus Wrong? Or Why Sola Scriptura Is Still Right
  5. Rutherford Defended Sola Scriptura, Luther, And The Law-Gospel Distinction Contra Antinomians And Anabaptists
  6. With Janet Mefferd On Sola Scriptura
  7. Sneaky Squids And Sola Scriptura
  8. Tertullian On The Apologetic Power Of Sola Scriptura
  9. Office Hours: Bob Godfrey On Sola Scriptura
  10. Thomas Cartwright On The True Sense Of Sola Scriptura And The Vincentian Canon
  11. Sola Scriptura Contra The Anabaptists In 1523–24
  12. Calvin Contra Sadoleto: Sola Scriptura
  13. Owen On Sola Scriptura As Applied To Public Worship
  14. Muller: Sola Scriptura Was Essential To The Development Of Reformed Theology
  15. Belgic Confession: Sola Scriptura Applied To Public Worship
  16. Calvin: The True Rule Of Righteousness Is Sought Sola Scriptura
  17. Luther On “Saints,” Monks, And Sola Scriptura
  18. Whitaker On Sola Scriptura
  19. Calvin On Acts 2:42: God Controls Worship Sola Scriptura
  20. Between The Anabaptists And The Romanists: Calvin Defended Infant Baptism Sola Scriptura
  21. With The Reformed Pubcast On Lent And Sola Scriptura
  22. Sola Scriptura Protects Christian Liberty
  23. The Difference Between Sola Scriptura And Biblicism
  24. Sola Scriptura ≠ Nuda Scriptura
  25. Second Commandment + Sola Scriptura = Christian Worship
  26. Sola Scriptura and Public Worship
  27. Sola Scriptura and the Limits of Special Revelation
  28. What We Can Learn From the Free Church About Conservatism and Sola Scriptura
  29. The Heart of the Gospel (and Sola Scriptura Too)
  30. Creeds and Sola Scriptura and Democratic Populism
  31. Church Calendars And Sola Scriptura

3. Sola Gratia (By Grace Alone)

  1. Office Hours Season 8: What’s In A Word? Sola Gratia
  2. Ferguson: Assurance Depends On Sola Gratia, Sola Fide
  3. Salvation Sola Gratia, Sola Fide: On Distinguishing Is, With, And Through
  4. Office Hours Season 8: What’s In A Word? Sola Gratia
  5. The Heidelberg Catechism Confesses Salvation By Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone

4. Sola Fide (Through Faith Alone)

  1. Sola Fide in 1 Clement
  2. More Conference Audio: Sola Fide And Its Modern Detractors
  3. Will We Be Finally “Saved” By Faith Alone (Sola Fide)?
  4. One Of The Root Causes Of The Current Controversy Over Salvation Sola Fide
  5. Initial Justification Sola Fide And Final Salvation Through Faithfulness Is Federal Vision Theology
  6. Ursinus On Christ’s Merits And Sola Fide
  7. Office Hours: What’s In A Name? Julius Kim On Sola Fide
  8. Why Is Sola Fide So Important?
  9. Sola Fides” is not Sola Fide
  10. Notes On Calvin’s Doctrine That Justification Sola Fide Is The Principal Axis Of The Christian Religion
  11. Witsius: Justification And Salvation Sola Fide Are Fundamental Doctrines
  12. Keister: Doug Wilson Denies Sola Fide
  13. Preaching Sola Fide Better
  14. Hywel Jones on Preaching Sola Fide

5. Soli Deo Gloria (To God Alone Be The Glory)


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