Office Hours: What Does It Mean To Say To God Alone Be The Glory?

Office Hours When one enters the Reformed world one find that we still use Latin phrases from time to time. Particularly we will hear or read people using a few Reformation slogans frequently. We call them the Solas: Sola gratia (by grace alone), sola fide (through faith alone), and sola Scriptura (according to Scripture alone). These are the most famous sixteenth-century Reformation slogans but there is another that is just as ancient and that sums them all up: soli Deo gloria (to God alone be the glory). It was used by both Lutheran and Reformed theologians. It is found in Luther’s 1519 Leipzig Dispuation, in Bullinger’s 1534 Commentary on 1 Corinthians, in J H Alsted’s 1627 Synopsis of Theology, and in Franciscus Gomarus’ 1644 Theological Disputations. It is well attested and important, if sometimes neglected.

It is one thing to use these slogans, however, and another to know what they mean, especially the this one: to God alone be the glory. Why is it important that we glorify God alone for our salvation and in our Christian life? David VanDrunen has written a new book on this very topic and he joined us for this episode to explain the significance of the expression.

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