Calvin On Acts 2:42: God Controls Worship Sola Scriptura

Hereby we may easily gather how frivolous the boasting of the Papists is, whilst that they carelessly thunder out with full mouth the name of the Church; whereas, notwithstanding, they have most filthily corrupted the doctrine of the apostles. For if it be duly examined, we shall find no sound part at all; and in most points they do as much dissent from the same, and have as little agreement therewith as light with darkness. The rule of worshipping God, which ought to be fetched out of the pure Word of God alone, is only made and patched together amongst the Papists, of the superstitious inventions of men.

—John Calvin, Commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles, trans. Henry Beveridge (repr. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2010), 1.127.

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