Calvin On Acts 18: Leaving The Worship Of God To Human Choice Is Absurd

Now, when the true God is known, and the certain and sure rule of worshipping him is understood, there is nothing more equal than that which God commandeth in his law, to wit, that those who bear rule with power (having abolished contrary superstitions) defend the pure worship of the true God. But seeing that the Romans did observe their rites only through pride and stubbornness, and seeing they had no certainty where there was no truth, they thought that this was the best way they could take if they should grant liberty to those who dwelt in the provinces to live as they listed. But nothing is more absurd than to leave the worship of God to men’s choice

—John Calvin, Commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles, trans. Henry Beveridge (repr. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2010), 2.192.

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