Office Hours: What’s In A Name? Julius Kim On Sola Fide

Office Hours 2016 full sizeThis is season 8 of Office Hours and we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In confessional Protestant circles we use some short hand Latin phrases that we might not all understand, even though we use them frequently. Sola fide (by faith alone) is one of those. Like the others, it is not always well understood by Protestants and Roman Catholics. Some give the impression that the faith through we are justified and saved is alone, that the fruit of sanctification does not necessarily follow it. Others, characterize faith as if it were only an intellectual assent and still others talk about faith as though it were synonymous with faithfulness. Julius Kim joins to help us sort this out. He is Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of Students at Westminster Seminary California, where he has taught since 2000. He’s author of Preaching the Whole Counsel of God: Design and Deliver Gospel-Centered Sermons.

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