Initial Justification Sola Fide And Final Salvation Through Faithfulness Is Federal Vision Theology

“[T]his double justification doctrine (initial justification by faith alone, followed by a second justification according to works in the eschatological judgment) is re-emerging as a “consensus position” among today’s leading evangelical and Reformed biblical theologians.

Rich Lusk, “The Reformed Doctrine of Justification by Works: Historical Survey and Emerging Consensus” in P. Andrew Sandlin and John Barach, eds., Obedient Faith: A Festschrift for Norman Shepherd (Mount Hermon, California: Kerygma Press, 2012). (HT: Timothy Kaufmann)


  1. I pray this is just another example of the proud posturing that Rich Lusk is known for. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6

  2. The father always hears the Son, Jesus said, and Jesus always asked according to the father’s will. Peter’s faith did not fail because, Jesus said, He had prayed for him. Likewise Jesus prayed for the keeping of His then present disciples, and also for all those who would believe on Him through their word. It is impossible that the Father shall fail to fulfill the Son’s prayer, and thus all those souls for whom the Son did, and does yet pray the Father to keep, shall indubitably persevere and be glorified, as He asked. So what’s all this doubt-raising final justification nonsense about?!


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