Who Was Franciscus Junius?

Todd Rester, at the newly-founded Junius Institute, (HT: Jordan Ballor) explains: Franciscus Junius (1545-1602) is a significant figure in the development of Reformed theology in the era of early Reformed orthodoxy. Junius studied under John Calvin in Geneva, pastoring churches throughout Europe . . . Continue reading →

Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs, and Instruments In The Latin Bibles (2)

The Latin Bible was a major formative influence on the way the Reformed theologians interpreted Scripture. The King James Version/Authorized Version (1611) particularly reflects the influence of the Latin Bible but its influence reverberates in many English translations. It influenced their word . . . Continue reading →

Lucca: Cradle Of The Reformation

It was on 18 April 1521 that Luther appeared before the powers of this world and, ostensibly, the next at at the Diet of Worms. It was there he announced publicly the formal cause of the Reformation, sola Scriptura. That doctrine says that . . . Continue reading →