Who Was Franciscus Junius?

junius_portraitTodd Rester, at the newly-founded Junius Institute, (HT: Jordan Ballor) explains:

Franciscus Junius (1545-1602) is a significant figure in the development of Reformed theology in the era of early Reformed orthodoxy. Junius studied under John Calvin in Geneva, pastoring churches throughout Europe and serving on the theological faculties of two of the most important academies of the time, Heidelberg and Leiden. Junius was an accomplished exegete, linguist, and theologian. A selection of his theological writings were collected and published in 1882 as the first volume in the Bibliotheca Reformata series edited by Abraham Kuyper. Citing his wide influence, as “Junius taught everywhere,” Kuyper found it fitting to introduce the series, intended to reintroduce the works of major Reformed theologians to the church and academy, with Junius. Read more»

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