Office Hours: Sanctification And Virtue

One aspect of our new life in Christ to which modern evangelical and Reformed Christians have not always paid a great deal of attention is the matter of virtue. There are some good reasons for this. The medieval church came to think . . . Continue reading →

When Nice Is The Highest Virtue

In an age when being nice is the highest virtue, publicly confronting error from a well-known Christian is perhaps the last taboo in contemporary evangelicalism. I am a pastor. I write things that a very small number of people here and there . . . Continue reading →

Of Virtues True And False: Niceness v Christian Virtue

Traditionally in Christian ethics there was said to have been seven virtues, the three theological virtues (faith, hope, and love from 1 Cor 13) and four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance). Our word virtue is derived from Latin words for strength. . . . Continue reading →

When Bellicosity is No Virtue and Other Beauties

It depends, of course, upon who is being or deemed “bellicose” doesn’t it? John Muether has a helpful meditation on this question in the latest issue of the Nicotine Theological Journal (“thus think, and smoke tobacco”—Ralph Erskine (1685-1752; in “Smoking Spiritualized“). The . . . Continue reading →

Is Faith a Virtue?

David asks, I know that we would say that faith is an instrument whereby we receive Christ’s imputed righteousness, but is there some biblical or theological reason why we would not want to say that faith is also a virtue? Can’t faith . . . Continue reading →