With No Compromise Radio On The Lordship Controversy, QIRE, And The Reformation

In anticipation of the upcoming conference, So You Say You Want A Reformation? Mike Abendroth and I discuss some of the topics we will be considering this Friday and Saturday: law, gospel, and the confusion of the two, the Lordship Salvation controversy, . . . Continue reading →

The Gospel According To Jesus, Grace, Salvation, And Sanctification

Since the 1970s and 80s the Dispensational-evangelical world has been involved in a running controversy over “the Lordship of Christ.” On one side are those Dispensationalists allied with Lewis Sperry Chafer, Charlies Ryrie, and Zane Hodges, who assert that so long as . . . Continue reading →

As It Was In The Days Of Noah (28): 2 Peter 1:3–11 (part 4)

The Christian life is not the instrument of salvation. To attempt to make it so is a self-defeating move, since none of us, in this life, shall attain perfect sanctification. Thus, all of us fall short of the mark. This is undeniably true. In that case, we are left to going back to the dog’s breakfast of the late-medieval doctrine of congruent merit, the doctrine rejected by the entire Reformation, that God imputes perfection to our imperfect efforts unto justification and salvation. Continue reading →

My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 1)

Though the Lordship Salvation doctrine (hereafter LS)  has many distinguishing characteristics, the one I want to address is its view of the gospel and the unbeliever’s response to it. What Is The “Lordship Salvation” Doctrine? In brief, LS regularly teaches that unbelievers . . . Continue reading →

My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 2): Test Case—The Rich Young Ruler

In part 1 we considered the definition of Lordship Salvation and the Reformation distinction between Law and Gospel. If you read the “rich young ruler” passage in Matthew 19:16-30 as the LS folks frequently do, you will see Jesus calling people to . . . Continue reading →

My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 3): Assurance

In part 2, we considered the case of the Rich Young Ruler. In this final installment, let us consider one of the most important passages in this debate: Romans 2:13. Advantage #4–Giving Assurance to Believers LS regularly calls into question a person’s . . . Continue reading →

Embracing The Reformation Doctrine Of Salvation Is Not “Wearying From The Battle”

John MacArthur is the old lion of modified Dispensationalism, which has been a gateway for many into the Reformation, but which has also been an obstacle to the Reformation. State Of The Controversy One way in which that has been true is . . . Continue reading →

The Gospel According To John (MacArthur)—Part 13

Many years ago, at an ecclesiastical meeting, there was a worship service. The minister preaching was retired but something of a hero in the denomination. He and others had stood for the truth when many others had taken an easier and more . . . Continue reading →

The Gospel According To John (MacArthur)—Part 14

No chapter in this volume, so far, relies on MacArthur’s debt to Dispensationalism more than chapter 11, where he addresses the parable of the soils in Matthew 13. The Problem Of Dispensationalism He begins by recalling our Lord’s words, which he addressed . . . Continue reading →