An Emergent "Translation" of the NT? Yikes!

Thanks to WHI producer extraordinaire Shane Rosenthal for giving us a heads up via email. Who says that the Emergent movement is harmless? If there were any doubts that it’s utterly wedded to religious subjectivism and to the worst strains of pietism, . . . Continue reading →

On Being Truly Postmodern

There is a good deal of talk in contemporary evangelicalism about the rise, nature, and effect of so-called “postmodernism,” a movement in architecture, literature, philosophy, and religion associated with a circle of French writers such as Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida. In . . . Continue reading →

A Partim…Partim Response to Zerochurch

From the main page at Zerochurch: “We have a talk, but no preaching. We have an offering, but not for us, for the poor and oppressed. We have a warm community, but don’t care a lot about formal membership We have a . . . Continue reading →

Why We're Not Emergent (Even Though We Could Be)

This Sunday morning, in the adult catechism class at Oceanside URC, I begin a series on the emerging/-ent church movement. Catechism begins at 10:15 AM and worship begins at 11:00 AM (I’m also preaching the next two Sunday mornings and WSC Jon . . . Continue reading →