Ufilas Or ESS?

…Allow me to share a few quotes. As you read, I want you to ask yourself where, in the history of the church these quotes are found? “Nobody denies that the Father is somehow greater than the Son, not because of another . . . Continue reading →

How The Athanasian Creed Can Help Contemporary Evangelical Theological Discourse

33. Equal to the Father, as touching his deity: and inferior to the Father as touching his humanity (Aequalis Patri secundum divinitatem: minor Patre secundum humanitatem)—Athanasian Creed. Yesterday, in our Reformed confessions course, we were considering Belgic Confession articles 18 and 19 . . . Continue reading →

Crisp: Edwards Was A Panentheist

…Such a picture of God’s relation to the creation is undoubtedly striking, combining as it does aspects of classical theism, theological aesthetics, panentheism, and the doctrines of continuous creation and occasionalism (about which, more presently). Far from being the product of some . . . Continue reading →

Why Caution About Jonathan Edwards Is In Order

Jonathan Edwards (1703–58) is America’s most famous theologian and perhaps its most famous philosopher too. He is an important and influential figure and worth seeking to understand for those reasons alone. We should think about Edwards for other reasons, however, He is . . . Continue reading →

Trueman: Might You Be A Socinian And Not Know It?

Cut some of the leading evangelical writers of the last decades and they bleed Socinus—without even knowing his name. For example, Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, the most widely read text of its kind in English-speaking conservative evangelical circles, rejects eternal generation of . . . Continue reading →

Classical Christian Theism Was Not Fabricated Out Of Thin Air

When trusted theologians reject the biblical doctrine of God that has been believed, confessed, and taught by every orthodox Christian in the history of the church, including Reformed proponents of the sola Scriptura principle, something has to be said. Classical Christian theism . . . Continue reading →

New Resource Page: On The Doctrine Of God

Those nineteenth-century Germans thought that the Reformed had deduced their whole theology, piety, and practice from their doctrine of predestination were wrong but the doctrine of God is at the headwaters of the Christian religion. Everything we say about everything else, method, . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 150: I AM That I AM (16): The Divine Decree


Congratulations to the Rev Mr Keith Giles of Belfast, NI, Rev. Mr. Richie Cronin of Cork, ROI, Miriam from Lancaster, PA, and Randy Bachman from Houston, TX. Their calls were featured episode 149 and for appearing on the Heidelcast they are each receiving a free copy of Baptism, Election, and the Covenant of Grace in the mail from the Heidelcast. Leave your question at (760) 618-1563 or send us a voice memo from your phone for our May call-in show. This is the 16th and last episode of the series on the doctrine of God, I AM that I AM and today we come to the biblical, Christian, and confessional Reformed doctrine of the divine decree. Earlier today, the Rev Dr Liam Golligher, Senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, PCA, in Phila, PA wrote: Continue reading →

What God Is Telling Us Through The Corona Virus

Whenever there is a dreadful, large-scale event, e.g., a terrorist attack or the outbreak of disease, someone is sure to announce that this is God’s judgment on the world for our sins. Without a doubt, by nature, after the fall, we all . . . Continue reading →