Trueman: Might You Be A Socinian And Not Know It?

Cut some of the leading evangelical writers of the last decades and they bleed Socinus—without even knowing his name. For example, Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, the most widely read text of its kind in English-speaking conservative evangelical circles, rejects eternal generation of the Son via a very narrow anti-metaphysical biblicism divorced from any engagement with the catholic tradition on that point. Eternal generation is, of course, a lynchpin of Nicene Trinitarianism and so, while such evangelicals may be far from Socinianism on many points of doctrine, in their narrow biblicism and disdain for historical theology, they are methodologically its heirs. Read more»

Carl Trueman, “Turning Inward,” First Things (December, 2020)


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  1. Trueman speaks of protestants not knowing and appreciating their history and his article has a vile, blasphemous image of Christ…quaint.

    • Quite. But this is what you get from an inter-religious organization started by a guy who theologically declined as he went along by leaving confessional Lutheranism for the heretical ELCA to laps across the Tiber. Good article regardless of the second commandment being breached.

  2. One quibble…

    “Protestants have become as divided from one another as they are from Rome.”

    This seems to play into the lie that Rome is undivided. Rome might be undivided in name, but you’ll find a vast range of beliefs encompass Roman Catholic thought. Views of God’s sovereignty range from Augustinian, Thomists to the Molinists.

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