Heidelcast 188: What Must A Christian Believe? (6): God The Father Almighty

We start this episode by thinking a bit about an audio clip in the intro. If you are one of those who skips the intro 😮 please go back and listen for context. See also the show notes below for more. I do try to curate those carefully for each post and episode. We also take a phone call—they do get saved and played—about the series and then we dive into the question: what does it mean to say “I believe in God the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth” (Credo in Deum patrem omnipotentem creatorem coeli et terrae)? To read comments made on social media, one might think that the notion that God is omnipotent is something that John Calvin invented in the 16th century. Well, Calvin wrote many books (including a 54 volume bible commentary) but he did not invent the doctrine of divine omnipotence. That is a biblical doctrine that the church has always confessed since the very earliest days after the apostles. Scripture says “in the beginning God” and he did that creating work without a bit of help from you and me. Indeed, you and I did not exist, except in his mind. He delivered his church out Egypt without a bit of help from the Israelites and despite their sin and disobedience. He raised Jesus without any help from us too. He is upholding and governing all things just fine, thank you. That is the Christian doctrine of divine omnipotence in a nutshell. That it seems radical to some (as it did to me once upon a time) tells how far Modern evangelical Christianity has wandered from historic, creedal Christianity.



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  1. I am one of the speed demons you chastise. Lol. I listen to your shows (most shows for that matter) at a 2x rate. I have ADHD, and I actually am able to consume the information more comprehensively than if I were to listen at a 1x. I am able to stay more focused because rogue thoughts are not given the time to distract me from your content. The only time I listen to a podcast at 1x is when I really don’t care about the content and I just need some noise in the background while I try to accomplish another task.

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