Resources On The Young, Restless, And Reformed and New Calvinism Movements

Since the early 2000s, the so-called Young, Restless, and Reformed or New Calvinist movement has been one of the more significant movements in American evangelicalism. Its scope and influence was chronicled by Collin Hansen’s, Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books, 2008). Since the publication of the book, however, the movement has developed a significant online presence represented by The Gospel Coalition  website, which Alexa ranks as the 8,808 in “global internet engagement.” By contrast the HB is at 1.2 million in the same category. The YRR movement is also manifested in publishing companies (e.g., Crossway, the publisher of the English Standard Bible), and conferences (e.g., Together For the  Gospel). We could also include websites such as Ref21. The HB has been interacting with the movement since 2007.

Published Books and Articles

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  1. Heidelcast 142: When Pastors Abuse
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  5. Audio: With Saints And Sinners Unplugged On The Young, Restless, & Reformed Movement and More (1)
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  11. With the Reformed Pubcast On Becoming Reformed | 2015
  12. Restless: A Postmortem on the Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement

Essays And Reviews

  1. Molly Worthen on Mark Driscoll (and Calvin)
  2. Calvinism Old and “New”
  3. J. Todd Billings | Calvin’s  Comeback: The Irresistible Reformer (2009)
  4. Carl Trueman | The Nameless One | 2009
  5. Mark Driscoll 2019: Young, Restless, and Freudian
  6. Big Eva And Big Church
  7. Carl Trueman | Revoice, Evangelical Culture, and the Return of an Old Friend | 2018
  8. Maybe Darryl Had A Point? Driscoll v. Catholic Creeds
  9. Critique of Driscoll and YRR Movement Now in Portuguese
  10. Time To Kiss New Calvinism Goodbye
  11. Young, Restless, And New School
  12. A Response To Rachel Held Evans Regarding Wilson And The Definition Of “Reformed”
  13. Young, Restless, and Arbitrary?
  14. The Fork in the Road for the “New Calvinists”
  15. James MacDonald Is Not A Pastor
  16. Was Clark Pinnock The Beginning Of The Young, Restless, and “Reformed” Movement?
  17. Understanding The New Calvinists: Neither New Nor Calvinists
  18. Paul’s Gospel Remedy For The Sickness Of The Evangelical Megachurch Celebrity Culture
  19. Symptoms Of Sickness In The Megachurch System?
  20. Why This Reformed Christian Will Not Be Charismatic In 2018
  21. The Guy On The Screen Is Not Your Pastor
  22. Why Caution About Jonathan Edwards Is In Order
  23. More On Edwards, Affections, Romanticism, And Pantheism
  24. Sarah Edwards’ Encounters With The Divine (Or Neglected Aspects Of The First Great Awakening)
  25. Does Calvinism Lead To Domestic Violence?
  26. Trans-Confessional Catechism?
  27. The Trouble with TULIPS
  28. Book Review: Young, Restless, And No Longer Reformed
  29. Young, Restless, And Augustinian?
  30. He Is Not A Pastor Any More
  31. Deconversion And Covenant Theology
  32. Distinguishing Reformed From Evangelicalism: Realism
  33. Josh Harris Kisses Christianity Goodbye
  34. Straight Out Of Münster
  35. Putting Your Stamp On An Iconic Brand
  36. Dale Coulter | John Piper’s New Calvinism | 2014
  37. Carl R. Trueman | Mark Driscoll’s Problem and Ours | 2014
  38. “Calvinism” Is Hip Again (Again)
  39. Black and Reformed: A Review
  40. The Problem of the Minimalist Definition
  41. Dan Borvan | My Pastor Knows My Name
  42. Carl R. Trueman | Lost In Xanadu | 2016
  43. Mark Driscoll And The Danger Of “God Told Me”
  44. Riddlebarger: Driscoll’s “Elders” Were Not Elders—Why Genuine Ruling Elders Are So Important
  45. What Reformed Churches Can Learn From Mark Driscoll
  46. Former Mars Hill Elders Plead For Driscoll To Resign Over Continuing Abuse Of The Sheep
  47. Julie Roys Interviews Insiders From Mark Driscoll’s Current Congregation

Events In The YRR/New Calvinist Movement

  1. It’s Here: CALVINIST—The Movie | 2017
  2. D. G. Hart | Mark Driscoll Is Joining The Christian and Missionary Alliance | 2009
  3. Dear Driscoll | 2021
  4. Harvest Elders Say MacDonald Is Disqualified for Ministry
  5. MacDonald Sues Bloggers (Who Told the Truth)
  6. Behind James MacDonald’s Resignation From The Gospel Coalition
  7. James MacDonald Announces His Return to Ministry
  8. James MacDonald Returns to Pulpit
  9. James MacDonald Launches Home Church Network
  10. Justin Taylor | The Elephant: Room: What Really Happened and How Things Could Have Been Different | 2021

Resources On Becoming Confessionally Reformed

  1. Resources On Defining Reformed
  2. The Ecumenical Creeds
  3. The Reformed Confessions
  4. The Heidelberg Catechism
  5. It Takes Time To Become Reformed
  6. Don’t Just Stand There. Come On In!
  7. Resources For Those Discovering The Reformed Confession

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