Audio: With Back To The Reformation Podcast On The Value Of The Reformation For Evangelicals

Recently I talked with Matthew and Onnig of the Back to the Reformation podcast about the value of the Reformation for contemporary evangelical churches, about what biblicism is (hint: it does not mean “to be biblical”), about American religious history and the strange and strained relations between American evangelical Christianity and the Reformation, about the ordinary means of grace (not magic), about revivalism, about how the Nicene Creed would have helped us avoid the confusion surrounding the so-called doctrine of the “Eternal Subordination of the Son,” about the current controversy over final justification through works, about the importance of distinguishing law and gospel, and does the emphasis on the ordained means by which God works lead us away from daily prayer and Bible reading.

Here is the interview.

In case the link is broken here is the Heidelblog media archive version.


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