Julie Roys Interviews Insiders From Mark Driscoll’s Current Congregation

And the hits just keep coming. Not only is Christianity Today producing a podcast series doing a post-mortem of Mars Hill Church but investigative reporter Julie Roys, who has been reporting on YRR figures such as James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll for several years, has released a two-part series featuring interviews with two former members of The Trinity Church’s security team. These two former staff members describe Driscoll’s Trinity Church as a “cult” and explain why they think that. If you are wondering why, after the debacle in Seattle anyone would attend a congregation where Driscoll was in charge, the former members explain in part 1. In episode 2 they explain who are the prominent members of what Roys calls the “Gospel-Industrial Complex” who continue to promote Driscoll.

Inside The Driscoll Cult (1) | July 6, 2021

Inside The Driscoll Cult (2) | July 8, 2021

Dear Driscoll | Resource page on The Trinity Church, Scottsdale, AZ



  1. Thank you for sharing this information and helping get our story out there. It is sickening what continues to happen at The Trinity Church, and anything Mark Driscoll is a part of. We need to raise as much awareness as possible. Keep up the great work!

  2. We also need to remember that this is a reality of BigEva. Not that all leaders and churches have this kind of abuse, but it allows such unaccountability to flower. I’m so glad I’m in reformed polity.

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