Resources On The Doctrine Of God


  1. Heidelcast Series: I Am That I Am
  2. EchoZoe Interview On The Trinity
  3. Office Hours: The Trinity And The Covenant Of Redemption (Part 1)
  4. Office Hours: The Trinity And The Covenant Of Redemption (Part 2)


  1. The Mystery And Necessity Of The Trinity
  2. One God, Three Persons. Full Stop.
  3. The Christian Faith Is Trinitarian
  4. Why Analogies And Illustrations Of The Trinity Fail
  5. Note To Evangelicals Revising The Doctrine Of God: The Socinian Vortius Denied Simplicity
  6. How Do We Know That God Is One In Three Persons (And Not Four Persons)?
  7. Differences Between The Reformed And Remonstrants On The Trinity
  8. May We Pray To All Three Members Of The Holy Trinity? (Revised)
  9. Christian, Why Do You Sing A Swedenborgian, Social-Gospel, Hymn Written By A Unitarian Minister?
  10. Biblical, Ecumenical Christian Doctrines Are Not Adiaphora
  11. A Response To Grudem’s Appeal To Hodge On Eternal Subordination
  12. Notable Interpretations Of 1 Corinthians 11:3
  13. Maybe Darryl Had A Point? Driscoll v. Catholic Creeds
  14. Mystery Unveiled: The Crisis of the Trinity in Early Modern England
  15. Divine Sovereignty, Evil, Mystery, and “Calvinism”
  16. A Court, Clay, and the Cross: Examining the Problem of Evil
  17. Does God Change?
  18. God Is Immutable.
  19. What Happened To Divine Immutability?
  20. Michael S. Horton, “Hellenistic or Hebrew: Open Theism and the Reformed Theological MethodJETS 45/2 (June 2002) 317–41.
  21. Richard A. Muller, “Incarnation, Immutability, and the Case for Classical Theism” WTJ 45 (1983): 22–40
  22. Ping-Pong Evangelicals and Middle Knowledge
  23. Every Day Is Father’s Day For Christians
  24. A Meditation On Divine Immensity
  25. Should I Buy It? (1)
  26. Boston and Free Choice
  27. What Can We Know And How?


  1. Trueman Contra Mischief And Ill-Informed Half-Truths About The Doctrine Of God
  2. Scott Swain On Warfield’s Revision Of The Doctrine Of The Trinity
  3. Ursinus On The Distinction Between Essence And Persons In The Trinity
  4. Ursinus On The Persons, Works, And Unity Of The Trinity
  5. Clarity On The Trinity
  6. In This Trinity None Is Afore
  7. Bavinck: Our Knowledge Of The Trinity Is Only Grounded In Scripture
  8. The Mormon Denial Of The Christian Doctrine Of The Trinity
  9. Trinitarian Orthodoxy Accounts For The Fullness Of The Biblical Revelation
  10. We Are Not Merely Discussing Economic Subordination
  11. Maybe It Comes Down To Method?
  12. What Heresy Is, Who Gets To Say, And Why?
  13. Truly Audacious Proposals
  14. Athanasius On Eternal Generation
  15. The Roof Was Not Strong Enough
  16. Muller: The Reformed Affirmed Eternal Generation Against The Socinians
  17. Thomas Ridgley On The Eternal Generation Of The Son
  18. Berkhof On The Eternal Generation Of The Son
  19. Trueman: What Is The Status Of Nicene Orthodoxy In Modern Calvinistic Evangelicalism?
  20. How To Be Complementarian Without Becoming A Heretic
  21. Hegel Is One Thing. Christianity Is Another
  22. Muller On Reformed Orthodoxy On Double Procession And The Filioque
  23. But the Whole Three Persons Are Co-Equal and Co-Eternal
  24. Van Til: Yet This is Not the Whole Truth
  25. Trueman Contra Mischief And Ill-Informed Half-Truths About The Doctrine Of God
  26. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
  27. Turretin Defended Divine Simplicity Against The Socinians
  28. Bavinck On Divine Simplicity
  29. Voetius Contra Middle Knowledge
  30. Turretin Contra Middle Knowledge
  31. Function And Subsistence Are Distinct Categories
  32. Why This Controversy Now?
  33. Athanasius On Eternal Generation
  34. Du Moulin: The Arminians Make God’s Love Mutable
  35. God’s Love Does Not Change Him Or In Him But It Does Change Us
  36. Moses Hid His Face
  37. Reformed Orthodoxy On Holiness Of The Spirit
  38. Helm: Modified Classical Theism And The Evangelical Big Top
  39. Uncreated, Immense, Eternal
  40. Perkins: God Is In Perpetual Action
  41. Helm Critiques Frame’s Perspectival Theism
  42. The Irony Of Denying Divine Impassibility: A Greek God
  43. It’s Not Divine Simplicity And Complexity. It’s Just Simplicity. Period.
  44. God Can Change Things Without Changing Himself
  45. Idolatry Is Not Just An Ancient Superstition
  46. But the Whole Three Persons Are Co-Equal and Co-Eternal
  47. Antonius Walaeus De Natura Dei (On the Nature of God)


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