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Inwoo Lee (BA, UCSD) earned his MA (Historical Theology) in 2020 from Westminster Seminary California and is author of "Righteous Before God: William Perkins’ Doctrine of Justification in Elizabethan England” (MA Thesis, Westminster Seminary California, 2020). He lives in the Great Seoul area, in South Korea with his wife Holly. Meet all the Heidelberg contributors»

Luther: Find A Church Where This Is Preached Weekly

Simul Iustus Et Peccator Is Still True

Therefore, whoever is justified is still a sinner; and yet he is considered fully and perfectly righteous by God who pardons and is merciful. Martin Luther | The Disputation Concerning Justification (1536) | Luther’s Works, 34:152–53 (HT: Inwoo Lee) Resources How To . . . Continue reading →

Perkins On The Pedagogical Use Of The Law

If life and justice come not by the law, the law then is in vain. And this objection is expressed by way of interrogation, ‘Wherefore then serves the law?’ The answer is in the next words, ‘It is added for transgressions,’ that . . . Continue reading →

Perkins: Want Heaven? Go To Church

We must in this world come as near heaven and the happiness of life everlasting as may be (Phil. 3:14). And for this cause we must join ourselves to the assemblies where the word is preached, prayer is made, and sacraments administered. . . . Continue reading →

Christ Is The Firm Foundation For Your Assurance

I would fain leave every one of you upon a good bottom, built upon the rock, that ‘sure foundation,’ Isa. xxviii. 16, which will stand firm and steady in all winds and weather, having that anchor-hold which will abide under all storms. . . . Continue reading →

William Perkins On Nicodemism

“First, among the Gentiles at Antioch, he uses Christian liberty in eating things forbidden by the ceremonial law. Yet after the coming of certain Jews from Jerusalem, he separates himself from the Gentiles and plays the Jew among the Jews. Like to . . . Continue reading →