Owen: The Loss Of Justification Sola Fide Leads To Rome Or Atheism

I shall take the boldness, therefore, to say, whoever be offended by it, that if we lose the ancient doctrine of justification

through faith in the blood of Christ, and the imputation of his righteousness unto us, public profession of religion will quickly issue in Popery or Atheism….

JOHN OWEN | The Doctrine of Justification by Faith | The Works of John Owen, 5:206–07


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    Inwoo Lee (BA, UCSD) earned his MA (Historical Theology) in 2020 from Westminster Seminary California and is author of “Righteous Before God: William Perkins’ Doctrine of Justification in Elizabethan England” (MA Thesis, Westminster Seminary California, 2020). He lives in the Great Seoul area, in South Korea with his wife Holly.

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