Heidelcast For June 12, 2022: Questions And Answers On Amyraldianism, Pentecostalism, And Much More

This is a question and answer episode. Scott from VA texts to ask about Amyraldianism, is it heresy and what does it have to do with the distinction between the sufficiency of the atonement and the efficiency of the atonement. Anonymous texts about tongues and continuing revelation. Luke texts to ask about the difference between “good faith” subscription and biblicism. Anonymous texts to ask about which 20th-century Reformed authors one should read. Mary Jean writes to ask about how to get a copy of the Heidelberg Catechism. Ed asks to write about which bible commentaries Dr Clark recommends on Hebrews, Genesis, and Matthew. Bobby writes to ask for resources on Doug Wilson’s view of marriage. David asks why a Christian ministry would cover up abuse. Is it possible for Protestants to be practical papists when it comes to their heroes? Daniel asks about complementarianism. Bryant asks how to relate affirmation of the creeds and what it means to be a Christian. Jackson raises the question about how to remain a Protestant in view of church history to which Dr Clark responded: “I am a Protestant because of church history.” He also asks about how to deal with difficult and sometimes ill-prepared people in a ministry setting. Minor correction: the first formal affirmation of the system of 7 sacraments in the West was in AD 1274. Josh asks the place of the Lord’s Table in the liturgy. Nick writes to ask about Calvin’s doctrine of the Sabbath. Jack asks about what sorts of sermon or teaching series one should do for a high school group. Anonymous writes to ask how to relate the Shema of Deuteronomy 6:4 and the doctrine of the Trinity. Brett writes to ask about which “Puritans” Dr Clark recommends. Hugues writes to ask about how to relate the language of Westminster Confession of Faith 6.3 and the doctrine of Adam’s federal headship. Mark writes to ask about the proper interpretation of Matthew 5:20.

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