Resources On Biblicism

Biblicism is not the attempt to be faithful to Scripture (i.e., to be biblical). Rather, in its extreme form, biblicism is the attempt to read Scripture in isolation. It is the attempt to read Scripture in isolation from the rest of Scripture and in insolation from the ecumenical creeds and the confessions produced by the various churches. It is the attempt to interpret Scripture as if no one has ever read it before. It attempts to interpret Scripture in insolation from the history of the church and especially the history of interpretation. It is the attempt to interpret Scripture in isolation from systematic theology or apart from one or more of the other departments of theology (e.g., practical theology). Not every instance of biblicism manifests all of these tendencies but any attempt to interpret Scripture atomistically or in isolation from the church, or the history of exegesis is, to some degree, guilty of biblicism.

Below are some resources, the most complete of which is the volume Recovering the Reformed Confession, which seek to diagnose, illustrate, and correct biblicism.

  1. Augustine Contra Biblicism
  2. More Conference Audio: Biblicism Versus Sola Scriptura
  3. The Strange Familiarity Of Socinianism
  4. Is the Reformed Faith Biblicistic?
  5. One Way To Escape Biblicism
  6. How To Avoid Biblicism
  7. Biblicism: A Trojan Horse Full Of Rationalism
  8. The Difference Between Sola Scriptura And Biblicism
  9. Paul Helm on Owen Contra Biblicism
  10. Bavinck Contra Biblicism
  11. Trueman: Might You Be A Socinian And Not Know It?
  12. Maybe It Comes Down To Method?
  13. Biblicists And Federal Visionists Together
  14. Muller On The Sources Of Biblicism
  15. Recovering the Reformed Confession

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