Heidelcast 160: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (7): Christ’s Abounding Graces

One of the principal reasons I became an amillennialist in eschatology was my study of 1 and 2 Peter. One of the reasons that, after study, investigation, and prayer, I rejected the claims of the Pentecostal moment is the triumphalism of the movement. The theonomic postmillennial movement is marked by triumphalism too. This is the ideology of this-worldly power and influence. This is why so many Pentecostalists have identified with the Christian Reconstruction movement (see the resources below), because they are attracted to the triumphalism and Dominionism, e.g., the “Seven Mountains Dominion.” In contrast, 1 Peter teaches an eschatology of suffering. There is simply no way to square the clear, plain teaching of 1 and 2 Peter with dominionist hope for this-worldly glory and triumph before the return of Christ. This episode of the Heidelcast begins to explore this theme in 1 and 2 Peter. We also take a look at Peter’s very clear doctrine of salvation, i.e., our justification, sanctification, and glorification, the deliverance of Christ’s elect from the judgment to come, by grace alone (sola gratia), through faith alone (sola fide). This teaching also emerges very clearly and presents a strong challenge to those who teach a two-stage doctrine of justification (initial and final) and the false doctrine of final salvation through works. According to Peter, the Christian’s hope is not that he shall one say be finally saved through good works but rather that he is now saved by the favor (grace) of God, earned for us by Christ alone, and given freely in regeneration (about which Peter speaks in our passage for this episode), and through faith, i.e., trusting, resting, and leaning on Christ and his finished work for us.


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