Bringing In 2021 With the Presbycast

New Years Eve was noisy in Escondido but the fireworks really started when I joined Chortles Weakly (Brad Isbell) to help bring in 2021 with the Presbycast. We had fun with sound effects and general goofiness as our dogs both cowered (and . . . Continue reading →

Of Faith And Football

Paul Koch is 1991 graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where he served as Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the Husker Power and Performance Team from 1987–96. He was part of the strength team that helped to produce national championship football teams . . . Continue reading →

Stan Freberg Remembered

Stan Freberg (1926–2015) may have been a genius but who knows these things? He was very funny and a great opponent of the stuff-shirt. Bent on driving all genuine talent out of radio, execs killed his network show (1957) so he went into advertising and made comedy records. He was able to be funny and satirical in the same sixty-second commercial. Naturally the ad people hated him too. The rest of us will miss him. Continue reading →

Unexpected Problems In Catechesis

Santa Claus is not part of the Christmas celebration in our family, but since it is part of the broader culture, we have told our kids that Santa is a fun pretend person. A problem arose when our literal-minded eldest daughter went . . . Continue reading →