Offered As A Matter Of Cultural Preservation

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  1. Classic, saw it countless times as a kid. “kill the wabbit” My 80 year old father still appreciates this kind of stuff.

  2. Brilliant skewering of Wagner, right down to the zaftig horse. It’s Anna Russell by way of Chuck Jones.

    Bugs’ send-up of “The Barber of Seville” is even more inspired.

  3. When I was last in Beijing waiting for a plane ride home, they were playing Tom and Jerry in the airport for the kids. The Chinese thought it was hilarious. So did I. Then I thought, “I really hope these aren’t the only people who still watch these. Why can’t I find them at home?

  4. Walt, every time we have to watch the grandkids (8&11) I check 2-3 Tom and Jerry DVD’s out from the local library. The grandson, in particular, loves them (so do I). But to tell the truth, I’m surprised they’re still available given this touchy culture we’re surrounded by nowadays, because of the “violent” activities between the cartoon characters.

  5. Those old cartoons had practical lessons in them too, for example the grammar lesson in “Rabbit Season.”

    Daffy: Shoot him now, shoot him now!
    Bugs: He doesn’t have to shoot you now, he can shoot you later.
    Daffy: Well I say, he DOES have to shoot me now. Shoot me now!

    As Daffy later concludes, breaking the fourth wall for a teaching moment with the audience: “Pronoun trouble!”

    Very educational…

  6. Actually, I always thought our civilization would be in much better shape these days had the Bugs Bunny cartoons always ended with Elmer Fudd enjoying hot rabbit pie. We celebrate smart alecks and troublemakers way too much.

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