Before The Heidelcast: Cross Talk (And The HB Media Archive)

Recently I did an interview with Jason Estopinal of the Layman’s Lounge podcast. During the interview he asked about the Heidelcow-bell. I gave a brief history of the Heidelcast and remembered the prototype of the Heidelcast: Cross Talk (2006–07). As an experiment, I wrote and recorded five podcast episodes in late 2006 and early 2007. It was the early days of podcasting and I used as my model some of the syndicated radio features, e.g., Mother Earth News, we ran at some of the radio stations where I worked. A little less than two years later, in 2009, I began to develop the Heidelcast, which, at the beginning sounded more like Cross Talk than the Heidelcast as we know it now.

Recently, I was straightening up the den and I found a couple of memory sticks and on one of them were the Cross Talk episodes. So, just for fun, I have added them to the Heidelmedia page.

Cross Talk Podcast

The Cross Talk archive is part of the larger Heidelmedia collection, which is updated regularly. E.g., lectures from 2011 were just added. Podcast interviews are archived there.

Stay tuned for the next Heidelcast episode in the series, As It Was In The Days of Noah.

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