With The Laymen’s Lounge Podcast: What Are Proper Expectations For the Christian Life?

Jason Estopinal is the host of the podcast and he writes: “It’s been said that for fish that living under water, with all they’ve ever known is underwater living, and all the other fish around them also only know underwater living—that these fish might incorrectly assume that water is all there is. It causes us to ask: Are modern 2020 Evangelical Christians like these fish? Are we swimming in muddled waters of a distinctly North American Christianity that is detached and has little or no continuity with what Christianity has looked like the last 2000 years? Are the nuts and bolts, and the emphasis of, modern evangelical Christianity actually distinctly American (and not in a good way like baseball and apple pie)? Is there a better, more Christ-centered and historical, way that we have forgotten (or are yet to encounter)?” Earlier today I joined Jason to discuss these questions and more.

Here is the episode.

Here is the HB audio archive:


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