Second Council Of Orange On Adam And Christ

CANON 15. Adam was changed, but for the worse, through his own iniquity from what God made him.  Through the grace of God the believer is changed, but for the better, from what his iniquity has done for him.  The one, therefore, . . . Continue reading →

The Search for A Second Adam: A New Way of Reading Scripture (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the search for the promised seed of the woman, the one who would crush the serpent’s head, the new Adam. As each one of the Patriarchs rises with glimmers of hope, so also . . . Continue reading →

The Search for A Second Adam: A New Way of Reading Scripture (Part 1)

More than anything, the Bible is a great unfolding drama with all kinds of plot twists and and unexpected turns. The big picture that I want you to see has to do with the promise in Genesis chapter 3. God made the . . . Continue reading →

Federal Theology Is Good News For Sinners

Paul calls Christ the “last” Adam (1 Cor 15:45). So, we know that there was a definite link between the two. In Romans 5:12–21 Paul intentionally wants us to think of Adam and Christ as fulfilling similar roles. Adam was the first . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Adam Was In A Trial Of Obedience

We must, therefore, look deeper than sensual intemperance. The prohibition to touch the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was a trial of obedience (obedientiae examen), that Adam, by observing it, might prove his willing submission to the command of God. . . . Continue reading →

Luther On The Covenant Of Works

Before Adam’s fall it was not necessary for him to have Christ, because he was righteous and without sin, just as the angels have no need of Christ. If Adam had not fallen, it would not have been necessary for Christ to . . . Continue reading →