Heidelminicast Q&A: Is The “Wider Hope” Of Salvation Through Natural Revelation Orthodox?

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  1. Dr. Clark,
    In Romans 10, Paul expresses his concern that his kinsmen according to the flesh be saved. In verse 19, he quotes Psalm 19:4. However, the Psalm is not merely about natural revelation. Psalm 19:7-14 refers to the Law. In quoting Psalm 19:4, would Paul not have had in mind the entire context? It seems to me the Romans passage concerns Jews and the revelation that Paul refers to is limited to them. True, the entire world has access to natural revelation. But only Jews had access to both natural and special revelation. Therefore, like all mankind, they had access to natural revelation, which in some sense was rejected just as special revelation was. I agree with you that Paul is not giving ground to some form of salvation apart from the gospel. Thank you for your insight into Romans 10:19. It is difficult.
    John Hunt

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