Why Christian Nationalists Can’t Read

The reality facing us today is that we live in a deeply complex moment, and in particular a moment where many people feel a deep sense of rootlessness, isolation, and alienation.

The false certainties of the Christian nationalists offer a certain veneer of security. They’ll look at that angst and give you an easy answer: Your “natural” community was stolen from you by the globalists and the woke and the false conservatives who lack the will required to take back what has been lost. If we have the will to seize political power, even power obtained through unlawful means, we can restore our stolen culture and reclaim the life we once had.

That’s the vision they’re selling. And you should be able to understand why it has such an appeal, especially to disaffected young men and to pastors who feel betrayed in some sense by certain failures of the young reformed coalition.

But our problems will not be solved by authoritarian fantasies of Christian princes who somehow by magic undo centuries of industrialization, urbanization, colonization, and mass global migration. We won’t solve any of this through political fiat or right-wing ressentiment. Simplistic appeals to “nations” will not solve the problem either, as I have explained elsewhere. We also won’t solve it through twisting and distorting the catholic tradition in service of that authoritarian ethno-nationalist project.
What could help? There are several things.
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Jake Meador | “The Christian Nationalists (Still) Can’t Read and Why That Matters” | December 20, 2023


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  1. Thank you for featuring this article by Jake Meador which I will read in great detail. Sometimes you make me mad because your posts challenge my beliefs, but the Lord is good and He opens my eyes to the truth which you continue to post. I am grateful for your work. May God continue to strengthen and bless you.


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