Resources On Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards (1703–58) is one of the most important figures in the history of American religion. He is arguably one of the greatest intellects in the history of America but he is equally controversial. Below are a series of essays and quotations and lectures on Edwards which represent something of a dissenting interpretation of Edwards.

  1. Richard Muller—Jonathan Edwards And The Absence Of Free Choice: A Parting Of Ways In The Reformed Tradition
  2. Godfrey: Edwards Rejected The Reformed Definition Of Faith In The Act Of Justification
  3. “Edwards Injects Into Faith” In The Act Of Justification The Virtues Of The Christian Life
  4. Warfield On Faith Contra The Edwardsian Definition
  5. Sarah Edwards’ Encounters With The Divine (Or Neglected Aspects Of The First Great Awakening)
  6. Crisp: Edwards Was A Panentheist
  7. More On Edwards, Affections, Romanticism, And Pantheism
  8. Criticizing Edwards On Religious Affections Does Not Lead To Dead Orthodoxy: There Is Another Way
  9. Why Caution About Jonathan Edwards Is In Order
  10. Helm Replies to Lucas on the Nature of “Affections” in Edwards
  11. Paul Helm on Edwards’ Religious Affections
  12. Second and Third Thoughts on Edwards
  13. Resources on Revival
  14. Resources On Reformed Piety
  15. Resources On Church Growth And Ordinary Means Ministry
  16. Resources on the Means of Grace
  17. Resources On Prayer


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