Second and Third Thoughts on Edwards

Few figures are as electrifying and divisive in the study of American religious history as Jonathan Edwards. To many he is and can be only St Jonathan, the paradigm of theology, piety, and practice. To others the story is more complicated. It is difficult to get a balanced view of Edwards’ theology and legacy. WSC grad and OPC Pastor Joshua Martin has written a couple of thoughtful and helpful posts on Edwards which are a good example of ways to approach him. Here is the first and here is the follow-on post.

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  1. Thanks Scott,

    As a casual reader of random Edwards’ quotes from blogs and articles, I found Pastor Martin’s historic summary very helpful. I didn’t know JE “regretted his emphasis on emotional experiences”. I have never heard or read about that in all the revivalist books and literature that I have read that quotes the first great awakening. BTW, is it just me or is The Nature of True Virtue hard to understand 🙂

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