Heidelminicast: Alan Keyes Demonstrates How To Make A Natural Law Argument

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  1. Yes, Alan Keyes is brilliant. What a mind!
    Recently read The Republic, where Socrates makes the same argument regarding having children held in community, not knowing their true parents, and the increased risk for incest occurring. But the snickers from the audience at his logic implies ‘who could think such a thing?’ Well, it’s not new nor uninformed.

    • Dr. Clark: Premarital blood tests were cheap, quick, and were meant only to prevent those with venereal disease from marrying. Consanguinity was determined, if necessary, by a family history. But it could be circumvented by misrepresentation. Sophisticated and expensive genetic screening only came about after the advent of DNA screening but was never a pre-marital requirement.

  2. I think it is probably on the books but if there aren’t any questions on the marriage license application, I don’t know of anyone who would ask. If two relatives want to cohabit, marriage isn’t much of an obstacle anymore.

  3. I wonder if David French ever heard (of) Alan Keyes.

    I would like to witness a Natural Law based takedown of French who has been really gaslighting conservatives, evangelicals and even the confessionals these days.

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