Barack Obama Opposed Gay Marriage In 2008

Was He A Bigot Then?

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  1. Hillary Clinton opposed it as well. What really irks me in her case is her vociferous insistence that she was always for it. They know that their recent conversion to the cause completely undercuts any effort to present their view as common sense that was obvious all along. Instead it was cold political calculus. Like John Kerry “I voted for it before I voted against it.” Of course both times it was a matter of principle.

  2. Do a search on Google of “if-by-whiskey” to see classic political double-speak at its finest!

  3. He was not labelled as a bigot at the time because his supporters (and observant opponents) knew he was lying to get elected, and he would switch as soon as it was politically feasible. Which he did. People advocating the exact same position today are labelled as bigots because the fact they are advocating a now-unpopular opinion must indicate that they actually mean it.

    This is a frustrating reality about modern progressives–lies for “proper” political ends are always acceptable.

  4. OK!
    Obviously God has put him in charge. Providence
    Didn’t Hitler say he is doing what he does because of God’s Providence? correct me?

    Why does God allow a Prez like this? -” being the worst one in history” on google recently.

    But then God puts these characters in there – be what it may?? and they do to this country
    a no good, and more. Hillary gets away with what ( we would get locked up for ).
    But yet are we to grumble and ….
    Are we then not grumbling against God and saying we don’t like what He is
    doing? He is in full control. Yes? No?
    We are to pray for this Government etc. Seems to do nothing from seeing what goes on.
    Lies. Cheats. Losing billions of tax payer $$. Fraud. you name. And yet!… what do WE do?
    Maybe we need to pray not fluff or whatever – but pray how.
    I am going to tell God what to do – I don’t really know what to pray. His wrath will come.
    But in the meantime. Pray judgement or discipline on them. Really now, what?

    Will God give wisdom to these guys, gals? doesn’t look like it.
    What they need is Christ. We know that, but…
    We are to pray and obey the authorities He has put in place.

    IS this why we get what we get – because we have not done what
    His Word tells us to do?? Ya wonder. ?
    I don’t like whats going on any more than (whoever) on HB does. But…

    Maybe things would be different IF we really look to the Father and trust
    that HE knows!! what he is doing – and we do what He tells us to do and not go
    off half cocked.
    My 2c worth from the little sheep type/who is trying to figure out this whole mess.
    Hope I make some sense here. Been on my mind.

    OFF the box now! Thanks guys!

  5. Yes, that is a gift you can use among those who like to call us bigots; I actually have done this. I’m not as bothered with Obama as some conservatives, so I can sincerely thank him for the following if I ever meet him: I can point to him as an example of someone that once held what I affirm and is not a bigot. Homosexual is a reality now, so I can live with it and respect those in such unions, but I still think man and woman created He them.

    Unfortunately, most of us knew he wasn’t holding to that 2008 position with much conviction. It’s similar to conservatives that say they are for limited gov’t, the constitution, racial reconciliation, etc. and are now very vocal supporters of DT.

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