Heidelcast 220: Our Father (10): “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” (Plus Dr Clark Answers Heidelmail And Heideltexts)

In this episode Dr Clark answers Heidelmail from Jackson about whether the American Revolution was just, from Coral about whether it is just social-justice warriors who are self-righteous, from Andrew about whether Augustine gave us both the Roman communion, the Reformed churches, and whether Amillennialism gave us final salvation through works, and from Rob about the teaching of the Synod of Dort about the salvation of the children of believers who die in infancy. Then the episode returns to the Lord’s Prayer to consider the sixth petition: “Lead us not into temptation.” Here we are asked to think about the contrast between the Christian view of the world (i.e., that there are spiritual realities) and the closed world Modernity tried to create. If you enjoy the Heidelcast please share it with your friends. Subscribe in any podcast app or even by email via the Heidelscribe box on the HB homepage. Would you consider supporting Heidelberg Reformation Association? We are growing to respond to the demand for Heidelmedia but we cannot meet that need without your help. Please make the coffer clink by using the donate button on any HB page. You can also send a check to the Heidelberg Reformation Association.



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