Heidelcast 210: How Christians Should Respond To The Sexual Revolution

With this episode we begin a new series, Our Father. We are interrupting the series on prayer, Our Father, in order to talk with a friend about the crisis facing our young people and others created by the third wave of the sexual revolution. Abigail Shrier writes for the Wall Street Journal and in 2020 year she published Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. The LGBTQ establishment, and make no mistake about it, they are the establishment—we are a long way away from Stonewall—got Ryan Anderson’s 2018 book, When Harry Became Sally, banned from Amazon. You can still buy Mein Kampf but you cannot buy a carefully researched and written book exploring the problems associated with “transitioning.” Amazon banned ads for Shrier’s book.

Lord permitting, we will return to the series next week but if you have been following the HB then you read the article we ran this past Wednesday, interacting with an article from USA Today trying to normalize pedophilia. Also on Wednesday we ran a story illustrating how the LGBTQ movement is actively recruiting kids and gaining influence in elementary public schools across the country. Joining me to think through some of these issues with us is Joshua Waulk. He is the founder and Executive Director at Baylight Counseling in Clearwater FL. He’s married to Christy, and is dad to 4 kids. He is is a former police officer and a cancer survivor. He loves baseball, and Cuban food. He is a friend and I trust him to help us think about how to address the crisis created by the latest stage of the sexual revolution.

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