The Untold Victims Of The Sexual Revolution

There is nothing more painful for a daughter than to watch your dad put on a bra or have him wear your clothes. No daughter should have to place her clothes in her dresser drawers by a code so she can know if he had been pawing through her underclothes.

It is not fair or healthy for a daughter to feel guilty about her developing body, or about becoming a woman. But in today’s world we encourage children to accept their parent’s sexual desires. We prioritize adult’s sexual preferences ahead of what is best for their children.

—Denise Schick, “I Had A Transgender Parent

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  1. And this is just one of many reasons why I thank God for my Christian parents. I was 8 when Jenner won his decathlon and remembering him on my Wheaties box seems a billion miles away from where he is now.

  2. The sexual revolution is bad for children. Period. We all know that the abolition of fatherhood worked wonders for large demographics of our population (sarcasm). We’ve seen what a wonderful thing abortion has been for America’s women–but not so good for children (understatement). Now we’re saying that Daddy, Junior, and Creepy-guy-who-nudged-Mommy-out-of-the-picture equals a wholesome family; and that women and girls like Denise Schick are guilty of a false consciousness. Well did Paul say “pretending to be wise, they became fools”.

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