Removing The Stigma From “Minor Attracted People”?

The Neo-Pagan Sexual Revolution Progresses

Dr. Walker is author of A Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2021). Dr Walker identifies as non-binary but is biologically female. Walker is a former social worker and counselor of victims of sexual assault, whose mind has changed regarding whether attraction to minors should be socially stigmatized and advocates for the abolition of police and prisons. Walker distinguishes between MAPs and sex offenders or pedophiles arguing that only a small percentage of pedophiles are convicted of crimes against children. Walker argues that MAPs are not beyond help and that he is not trying to normalize sexual abuse against children. Walker argues that stigmatizing does not prevent crimes against children.

Walker seems to assume a strong correlation between the number of pedophiles convicted of crimes against children and those who actually offend. One question that Walker does not address immediately is this: how does removing the stigma attached to MAPs not lead to normalization? Indeed, Walker openly struggles with the question whether minor attraction is an immutable “sexual orientation” and as such, by definition, “queer,” the identify Walker adopts.

Walker writes,

Ultimately, shifting away from the conceptualization of attractions to minors as a mental illness and shifting toward their conceptualization as a a sexual orientation indicates that attraction to minors is neither treatable nor curable—indeed if it is not a mental illness, it cannot be cured (p. 9).

Walker notes that one organization working in this field, Virtuous Pedophiles (VirPed) “takes a solid stance about sexual activity between adults and children, stating that it is fundamentally wrong.” B4U-ACT, however, “has declined to take a moral stance on the issue…”. Walker has worked with B4U-ACT, which “clearly states on its website that the protection of children is part of its mission and that MAPs should abide by the law for the sake of children and themselves” (pp. 11–12).

Walker is clearly setting the stage for a society in which not only are there no police and no prisons (thus nowhere to put either MAPs or pedophiles) but no stigma on being immutably sexually attracted to children. Walker articulates no clear inherent reason for MAPs not acting upon their orientation and desires except that it is illegal. He works with a group that does not oppose, as a matter of principle, sex between adults and children.

Walker holds a tenure-track teaching position, teaching undergraduates (ages 18–22) and graduate students. Walker was speaking to Protasia Inc, an organization that seeks (without saying it in so many words) radically to revise the way MAPs are regarded and treated. This line in the agenda, when understood properly, is chilling: “addressing the human rights impacts of child protection laws and policies.” The “impacts” to which they refer are those upon those who are sexually attracted to minors. Those MAPs are among the “diverse stakeholders” to whom they refer in another purpose statement. They openly seek to turn back the protection of children from MAPs. The very existence of this socially radical project is a significant step toward the normalization of pedophilia.

This is life in the neo-Pagan West. The answer is not theocracy. It is nature, which is what Walker wants us to ignore. Walker’s “queer” sexual identity is part and parcel of the sexual revolution against nature. Adding MAPs to the queer identity is inevitable, as Walker essentially concedes. Nature, however and millennia of human history tell us that there are two sexes, that “non-binary” is nothing but an affect and artifice, almost typically born of trauma and/or mental illness. Whether attraction to minors is a mental illness is a mental illness (almost certainly the case) it is a profound corruption of the human psyche and of normal human sexual attractions. It is contrary to nature and a clear and present danger to the most vulnerable in our society, those whom nature itself teaches us to protect event at the cost of our own lives.


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  1. You win only when you begin openly mock and make fun at such irrational and degenerate behaviour. Behaviour of pitiful slaves of their own sins.

  2. Well, we’re not in Kansas, anymore! The death throes of Christendom are complete and this is the inevitable smell of putrefaction. The only thing that would change this is, “Lazarus, come forth.” As that is unlikely, best to be like Abraham, looking for a city whose foundations are built by God. Thanks be to God that he has provided an ark in Christ and his church to see us safely through the flood. If anyone hasn’t noticed, it’s beginning to rain buckets. Time to put on our big boy pants and and preach the gospel before the doors of the ark are shut, permanently.

  3. I agree with abolishing prisons, they are not Biblical nor good, but rape of anyone is a capital crime.

    • The Apostle Paul spent a fair bit of time in prison. Did he object to them because they are unbiblical? Is “unbiblical” a good standard for deciding secular, criminal law and policy? What are the realistic alternatives to prison (e.g., vastly expanding capital punishment?)

    • Yes, capital crimes should be executions. Property crimes should have penal and restitutional elements.

      • Chris,

        Aren’t you enlarging a the number of capital crimes rather dramatically? Virtually any violent assault becomes a capital crime, does it not?

        When you say “penal” you mean without incarceration? So, anyone who is a potential threat to society (e.g., a drug addict who commits a burglary) should not be incarcerated?

        Does nature have nothing to teach us about civil/secular crime and punishment?

        Are you advocating for the institution of the Mosaic judicial laws and punishments?

    • I would advocate for death, beatings, the removal of the offending appendage, or restitution. But not on theological grounds personally.

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