Heidelcast 183: What Must A Christian Believe? (1)—Our Ancient, Universal, Christian Faith

This is episode 1 in the series, “What Must A Christian Believe?” I chose this title for two reasons: 1) Since I began pastoral ministry in 1987 it is one of the questions I have received most often; 2) it is Question 22 in the Heidelberg Catechism. For a some Modern Christians, the only thing that one really needs to believe in is belief itself. They put their faith in the quality of their faith. For others, what matters is that they walked the aisle during an altar call or after a revival. For others the question is not what must a Christian believe but in whom? The answer to that question, of course, is Jesus. Superficially, that sounds pious but the moment we ask and answer that question we have to ask and answer others: who is Jesus and what did he do? Why should we believe in him and where is he now? So, the question, what must a Christian believe is unavoidable. In this series we will answer this essential question from the Scriptures, which we are going to read with the ancient Christian church, with the church in all times and places, and with the Reformed churches.

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