Machen on Creeds and Doctrinal Advance

Thanks to Dan and GR for posting this gem from Machen.

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  1. Machen needs some adjustments to modernity. An international council is long overdue. Agenda items:

    The Eight Solas of the (modern) Church:

    1. Sola Cultura – Culture defines biblical message and preaching.

    2. Sola Successa – Numerical success determines truth.

    4. Sola Entertaina – Louder is better. Doctrine must go. No catechisms or confessions.

    5. Sola Mio – Meet my needs.

    5. Sola Emotionala– Emote, dudes and dudettes.

    6. Sola Stupida –Thinking not allowed. No theologians, commentaries, confessions, liturgies, doctrinal hymns, or historical references.

    7. Sola Bootstrappa – No Calvinists allowed.

    8. Sola Duplicita – Say one thing and behave in another way. Hold to Confessions but functionally dismiss or diminish them in interfaith discussions. Smiling and nice talking is required.

  2. D. Philip Veitch,

    Already there with the mainline liberal churches and the Emergers.

  3. Good article, I completely agree with what it’s saying.

    I still have a “statement of faith” from a Vineyard church I used to attend. Even at that time I read it, tried to understand what it stood for, and considered it to be important. Although not many others there seemed to care too much to make distinctions, I thought it was important, but now I think I understand more that this modern day re-invention of the wheel had no pedigree and was really woefully inadequate compared to what is available to the the Church–it’s no wonder most attenders disregarded it. Plus they made no attempt at using it, or making it a standard of inclusion[membership? no need I guess].

    Having come from a *solo* scriptura background which in practice gives no respect to tradition/creeds/confessions, I now try to consult the men called to teach and preach to the historical church as a first step rather than attempting to do what great men have already done by hautily considering my own view of a subject equal or better than what God has delivered to His saints.

    My experience of the modern evangelical church is that they generally feel no need to stand on the shoulders of the saints that preceeded them–blind and prideful. In fact most are hirelings not shepherds .

  4. It’s both timely and timeless. Machen’s writing here is prophetic in aticipating Dr. R. Scott Clark and his fellow prof’s at WSC. Nice.

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