Heidelcast 180: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (23): Serving Under The Chief Shepherd

This is episode 23 in the series, As It Was in the days of Noah. We have two items of business before we turn to our passage for the episode (1 Peter 5:1–5): (1) To say thanks to Jack Miller, sometime HB contributor, for yet another outstanding musical theme for the Heidelcast; (2) To answer a question from a friend of the show, Keith Giles, in Belfast, who has been on hold longer than any caller in the history of radio. His phone bill must be astronomical. He has the patience of Job. He asks an important and interesting question about re-baptism of those who have been in a the so-called “Oneness Pentecostal” sect, who have repented of it and are now confessing the Trinitarian Christian faith. Must such a person be re-baptized (and if so, are they really being re-baptized or were they baptized in the first place in the name of Jesus only?).


Turning to our passage we see that Peter was no pope but he was a shepherd and a “fellow-elder” and he instructs us on the nature of church leadership and also on the nature of the Christian life. Peter lays out what is best described as an a-millennial view of the Christian life as a pilgrimage, as sheep, under the loving care of the chief shepherd, Jesus.



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